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Nova Tool USA takes pride in providing your shop floor with top quality, made in USA tooling and equipment. In addition to providing tooling and custom machines we specialize in precision sharpening for all types of tools... For cutting, shaping and boring, vertical and horizontal milling machines, CNC, drill press and other standard metal working equipment. Our cutting tools are made of high quality High Speed Steel and Carbide. Our shops have more than 25 years of experience in toolmaking, fabrication and sharpening. Our experience includes robotics, automation, tool & die and machine fabrication.

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Right now we have a wide variety of surplus equipment and parts available for a very reasonable price. We have in stock many types of refurbished tools, DIN rail and other shop fixtures and supplies. Call John to find out what is available for shipment right away. (Call 865/256-6281)

One of our Hottest Products... R8 Collet Drawbar for Vertical Milling Machines

R8 Collet Drawbar

Heavy Duty, Fully Threaded R8 Collet Drawbar for vertical milling machines. Seamless design and high grade steel (35 Rockwell) materials offer a minimum torque rating of 125,000 ft. lbs. The Hex headed wrench shank (3/4 inch.) and robust, seamless construction allows for significantly more direct tightening pressure than other draw bars.

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Unit Cost Including Shipping...... $ 99.00

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