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R8 Collet Drawbar

R8 Collet Drawbar for Vertical Milling Machines

Heavy Duty, Fully Threaded R8 Collet Drawbar for vertical milling machines. Seamless design and high grade steel (35 Rockwell) materials offer a minimum torque rating of 125,000 ft. lbs. The Hex headed wrench shank (3/4 inch.) and robust, seamless construction allows for significantly more direct tightening pressure than other draw bars.

Customers tell us this is the best Drawbar they have ever used... "This thing will last forever!" said one tool shop owner in Tennessee. The seamless design with a hardened steel 3/4 inch shank allows for excellent downward pressure, you can apply much more pressure than hand set, draw-down units. And because of its high-quality steel and precise construction it will outlast the competing brands. These durable drawbars are made for high volume use.

Unit Cost Including Shipping...... $ 99.00

R8 Collet Toolbar Specs

R8 Collet Drawbar Hex Shank
  • Approximate Length: 24 inches / 610 mm
  • For Bridgeport Style Vertical Milling Machines
  • All Steel (35 Rockwell) Construction
  • Hardened Steel (3/4) Hex Head Shank
  • Fully Threaded Shank (7/16 X 20)
  • 41-40 Thread Callout (Ross Stripping & Pulled Thread)
  • Torque Rated at 125,000#
  • Shipping Weight Approx. 4 lbs.

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